R & D capabilities

Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and has a Provincial Research Institute of Technology. We make a huge investment in rebuliding the multifunctional institute and updating the detection equipment. Further, we have 5 Physics Labs,2 chemistry labs.


Differentiation Industrial Polyester Yarn , Tyre Cord Fabric and high – polymer digital printing materials are our mainly products. The senior staff and experienced technicians form a professional development team.With the principle of high quality, high starting point, specialization, differentiation, our industrial polyester yarn has been widely recognized by Sumisho, GST, TaKaTa , ect. It serves the industry of automotive-related yarn, such as tire yarn, seatbelt yarn, airbag yarn, etc. Moreover, breakthrough progress has been made in Tyre Cord Fabric. It has passed the accreditation of Michelin and Sumitomo. Our high-end digital printing materials and movie screen are in a leading position in the industry.


Relying on the strict reliable quality system and increased cooperation of technicians, our products have a complete range of specifications and steady good quality.

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